Here's Fun Animal Facts
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Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Turtles can breath through their anus.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
If a Squirrel finds a baby squirrel without parents,
it will immediately adopt it!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Bees communicate through a complex dance.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Dolphins have specific names for each other.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
In Japan, Macaques search for lost coins.
They learned to use vending machines!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Humpback Whales can get a song stuck in their head.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
A group of Pugs is called a "Grumble".

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Baby Chimpanzees will pick up and play
with rocks and sticks pretending they're babies.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Rats & Mice are ticklish and can actually laugh!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Have you ever seen an excited bunny do this?
It's called a "Binky".

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Aww, a group of bunnies is called a "Fluffle".

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Shaved Guinea Pigs look just like baby Hippos!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
When passing by one another, an ant will bow it's
head in greeting. Aren't they polite little fellas?

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
The Norwegian Army has a Knighted Colonel who's a
Penguine named Colonel-in-Chief, Sir Nils Olav!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Goats from different parts of the
world actually have different accents!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Cute young Macaques make snowballs just for fun!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Have you ever seen dogs play around, then sneeze?
That's how they signal they're playing and not fighting.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Fennec Foxes have extra-hairy feet. They're like snowboots
- but for sand - making sure the fox can run faster and
doesn't get burns on their little fluffy feet.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
This Pom-pom Crab isn't the ocean's cheerleader,
it actually picks poisonous anemones and waves
them to defend ifself from its many predators!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Sea Horses mate for life and when they swim around,
they'll hold onto their mate's tail. And if that wasn't
amazing enough, the males are the ones that get pregnant!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
When Otters go to sleep at night, they hold
each others hands so they don't get separated.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
If your cat reminds you of a land shark bumping
its head against you, don't worry, it's just
their way of showing you that they trust you!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
In Sweden, they have a bunny-jumping
show, they call "Kaninhoppning".

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Crows are known for being intelligent, but did you also
know that they're such rascals that they play pranks
on each other - just for the fun of it?

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Cows choose other cows as best-friends
and spend all their time together.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
When they play, male puppies will let the females win.

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Squirrels hide some of their nuts by burying them,
but they're so forgetful that these forgotten nuts
lead to many new trees each year!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Elephant Shrews are actually more related to
Elephants then they are to Shrews!

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
You probably heard that Otters use rocks to break open
mollusks, but did you know that they have a 'favorite'
rock, which they keep in their special skin-flap pocket?

Shangrala's Trivia Facts
Wombat poop is square! (but they're so adorable!)

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