Funded by the California Academy of Sciences, The BigPicture Competition aims to show the full picture of nature, including its beauty, surprises, and rawness. They receive many applications each year, but only the best get picked.

      Their Stunning 2022 Awards. Enjoy! :)
Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
Winner - "Bee Balling" by Karine Aigner
      Artist's comment: A female cactus bee (Diadasia rinconis) was swarmed by males and rolled into a 'mating ball' in South Texas. This mating ritual only lasts around 20 seconds.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Spider Web" by Bence Mate.
      Artist's comment: The Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) gnawing on a tree in the first rays of the morning sun at the Kiskunsag National Park in Hungary.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Tunnel Vision" by Tom Shlesinger
      Artist's comment: Atlantic goliath groupers (Epinephelus itajara) arrived off the east coast of Florida to spawn. These massive fish often congregate around shipwrecks or rocky reefs during the breeding season.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Frame Within a Frame" by Sitaram May
      Artist's comment: An opening in a custard apple tree revealing a bat searching for fruits among the lush, green foliage.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Face to Face" by Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar
      Artist's comment: An elusive jaguar (Panthera onca) facing a domesticated pig at the 'Maya Riviera' of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Embryology: by Jaime Culebras
      Artist's comment: The rare wiley's glass frog's (Nymphargus wileyi) embryos at the tip of a fern frond near Yanayacu Research Station in Ecuador.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Into the Light" by Pal Hermansen
      Artist's comment: A collection of insects drawn to an outdoor light that became their demise.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"After the Fall" by David Slater
      Artist's comment: A fallen California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) stretched out on the sea floor covered by dozens of bat stars (Patiria miniata). Bat stars are omnivorous and are known to feed on carcasses.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Shooting Star" by Tony Wu
      Artist's comment: A Leach's sea star (Leiaster leachi) in the middle of broadcast spawning - a process when the male releases sperm and the female releases eggs into the water at the same time - in a bay near Kagoshima, Japan.

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"The Stoat's Game" by Jose Grandío
      Artist's comment: A stoat (Mustela erminea) displaying so-called dancing, a mysterious behavior mustelids demonstrate either when they are excited or to confuse their prey. Grandio describes this fun dance as 'something like a game for him.'

Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
"Hidden Beauty" by Tom St George
      Artist's comment: A diver exploring the endemic plankton and crustaceans that live in this sculptural cenote at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Pass These Winners On
Shangrala's BigPicture Photo Awards
And Bless All Your Friends! :)

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