Do you know what often happens when police
confiscate drug money and vehicles?

Why they turn them into some Awesome Cop Cars!

Here Are Some More Great Cop Cars! Enjoy! :)
Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Now this one is special! Italy's State Police can easily claim
to have the world's coolest cop car after Lamborghini
gifted them this Gallardo LP560-4. The 203mph, 560bhp
supercar replaces a standard Gallardo that the Italian
police had used for four years and 87,000 miles.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
The Brabus CLS V12 S Rocket, with a top speed of 225mph
was unveiled at the Essen Motor Show in Germany and
competes with Italy's Lamborghini for the title of
world's fastest police car.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
The Caparo T1 packs a 500bhp V8 engine. It can
accelerate from 0-100mph in five seconds and
weighs less than 500kg. Imagine crooks trying
to escape from cops who are using this beauty!

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Dsigned by Bogdan Urdea, this Romanian police pursuit
vehicle was adapted from a Porsche 911.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Meet the police car version of the BMW 123d Coupé,
the AC Schnitzer Police Package.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
This is the Carbon Motors E7, a new police car prototype
equipped with sensors for weapons of mass destruction and
automatic numberplate scanners that became the talk of
a law enforcement convention in the US.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
The UK police is evaluating the possibility
of buying a fleet of this Jaguar XF.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Even a sheriff can sometimes use a little help from
Germany: one Texas sheriff asked,
Europe's leading tuner of American automobiles, to
turn his new emergency vehicle into the world's
fastest police Hummer. This is what he got. Awesome!

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
The Gem - Global Electric Motorcar - was unveiled in
Brighton and is being trialled by Sussex Police for
use by neighborhood police teams, in an attempt to
cut down on pollution problems as officers patrol the
streets. But with a 28mph top speed, it is unlikely
that this environmentally friendly future of police
cars will be catching any criminals.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
A CMC Tiffany - an American-made classic-looking
car from the late 20th century - Police Car.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Now That's a cool D.A.R.E. car!

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
A German Mini Cooper.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
1988 Ford Mustang at Reynoldsburg, Ohio Police.

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
China: Hummer (It just HAD to be a replica)

Shangrala's Amazing Cop Cars 2
Very little intimidating VW police car!




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