Photographer Ren Netherland, 51, from Clearwater, Florida, travelled more than 19,000 miles across the U.S. In a mobile studio to visit conventions which showcased the bizarre craze for cutting and dying dogs into incredibly different forms – an art called ‘creative grooming'. 'I'm hired by the grooming competition across the United States to photograph the winners of the shows,' said Mr Netherland.

From hit children's TV show The Muppets to a panda, these dogs have been groomed to the limits of creativity!

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Colorful: Although it most definitely cannot fly, this poodle makes a decent owl.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Competition: The poodle, left, shows a different side to its owl design. The dog on the right looks slightly more realistic as a panda

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Chilled: The poodle panda looks relaxed and happy as it lies on the floor

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Stunning: This airdale terrier has been transformed into characters from the popular children's TV show The Muppets

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Made up: Miss Piggy's face is clearly visible on the body of this terrier

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
This poodle has been groomed with a red Mohawk design

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Dedication: This terrier has been groomed into a Roman gladiator. Some of the dogs have had their coats carefully pampered, shaped and died over a period of six months

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Regal: This poodle has been groomed into Her Majesty The Queen

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Unique: This poodle has been groomed into Eeyore from children's book, Winnie the Pooh. Groomers use colored artist chalk and temporary hair color spray to achieve their effects.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Fancy dress: While the coats of the dogs may look extreme, Mr Netherland insists that the pooches are more than happy to take part. This west highland terrier has been transformed into Animal from The Muppets

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Wacky: It may not look quite as intimidating as a T-Rex but this poodle still makes a decent Jurassic dinosaur

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Different: The poodle shows some bite on the other side of its body

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Multi-coloured: A poodle which is supposed to look like a dragon. Safe: The photographer says that in the 15 years he has photographed these shows, he has never seen a groomer harm their dogs. Hair spray is used to make the hair stand up or look spiked.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Extreme: Some of the groomers use semi-permanent hair color brands. This poodle has been transformed into a macow parrot.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Tropical: With its bright and bold colors it is certainly recognizable as a parrot.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Although in real life they couldn't look any more different, this mongrel hound dog is supposed to look like a raccoon.

'Most people are amazed with the images I take and cannot believe they are dogs,' he said. 'But I do get emails from people telling me I'm sick, and they have told me it's cruel to do this to dogs. I truly can say that the dogs that I have photographed love the attention. In the 15 years I have photographed these shows, I have never seen a groomer harm their dogs. I would never agree to photograph any of these dogs, or work for any of these shows, if there was ever any harm done to the dogs.'

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
A number of different rainbow colours have been used on this pooch.

Shangrala's Extreme Dog Grooming
Bright: This jaw-dropping set of images show how with a dose of artistic flare our most familiar friend can be transformed into almost anything.

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