At 120 Degrees In Australia, It was so hot for a week that koalas were even asking people for water! IT'S NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE...

Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

Tracey Young's family were visited by a little baby female
koala looking for water. Her 10-year-old nephew, Tom,
and his younger sister, Kate, 6, discovered the little one...
Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

Mrs Young said that the koala climbed into the bucket of
its own accord and stayed there for about twenty minutes.
Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

Ms Murdoch, A wildlife carer, took the dehydrated baby
koala dubbed 'Star' back to her property for ongoing care.

She said it wasn't unusual to find koalas taking a dip on hot
days. Normally they get their fluid from leaves but when the
leaves are so dry they need to get water from somewhere else.
Shangrala's Koalas In A Heatwave 2

During the week's heatwave, Ms Murdoch rescued
23 koalas, 26 possums and 12 birds. All will be
released back into the wild once they have recovered.

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