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Welcome! Come on in! Jane has two pets she'd like you to meet.
Two adorable little dogs!


Jane Writes: This is Benji. Unfortunately he passed on about 4 months ago
and my heart is broken. I have a beautiful sketch of Benji on my wall made
by a wonderful friend and it is a constant source of comfort to me.

Benji came from the dog pound and immediately captured my heart. He
made me laugh all the time and he loved playing ball. He would play
ball from sun up to sun down if allowed. He greeted my son and my
husband every evening with a ball in his mouth.

I have two boxes full of his toys that he loved.
He took his favorite ball with him to heaven.


This is Bootie. He and Benji were such good friends.

Bootie was a tiny puppy found in the middle of a horrible blizzard here in
the Northeast and one of my coworkers found him on her way to work. She
brought him into the office and he's been with me ever since. Bootie is
getting along in years and is a little arthritic but such a lovable friend.
He misses his buddy Benji. They used to chase each other all over the yard
and they loved to play tug-of-war with the toys. Benji usually won.


The vet told me Bootie was a terrier mix of some kind - we just don't know
what that some kind is. He had no tail and he looks just like a wild boar
running around. Everyone who sees him says the same thing. He's spoiled
just as Benji was. I'm retired and they are my family now.


* GLORIA WRITES: Jane: Thanks so much for sharing your Pet Page
with us........ Both your dogs are PRECIOUS and I know you do miss
the one who has gone to heaven........ he'll be waiting for you someday !

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