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Welcome! Come on in! Kay has four pets she'd like you to meet. All sweet cats.
Tabitha And Rocky

Kay Writes: My pet pictures for you. The kitty in the foreground is Miss
Tabitha. When she is up walking around her tail curls right over her
back like a monkey's. She is a very fussy eater and doesn't like kitty
treats! However, she does like Friskies Indoor dry cat food. When
the food dish is empty, she runs to me and meows until I get up
and follow her to the kitchen and refill the dish.

The white kitty in the box is Rocky (full name: Norman P. Rockwell). His
eyes are two different colors, blue and amber. He is almost too pretty
to be a boy cat. He is very gentle and laid-back, and every morning he
jumps up on the toilet lid to be combed. He loves turkey summer
sausage and yogurt. If I'm eating either of those I have to give
him a bite in between each of my bites.

Tabitha With Books

Here's another picture of my kitty Miss Tabitha. She is not the sharpest knife in
the drawer, but she's always trying to improve her mind by perching on the bookshelf
in front of the window. Tabby's big talent is sneaking up on one's lap without
being noticed. I'll be reading away, and suddenly someone bumps my book. My
goodness, there's Tabby, sitting in my lap making a polite request for
attention. I don't know how she does it.

Both of these were strays that I adopted -- Miss Tabitha was full grown, and
Rocky was a tiny kitten that his stray mother (whom I had been feeding)
brought to me along with the rest of her litter. His mother had feline
leukemia and had to be euthanized, but Rocky and his siblings tested clean.
I found homes for his brothers and sisters, and kept Rocky. When he was a
baby he had a big gray spot on his head that looked like an artist's beret,
so I named him Norman P. Rockwell, but the gray spot disappeared as he
got older -- so we just call him Rocky.


This is my oldest cat, Yum Yum. She is a crabby kitty with a whiney meow, but
she loves to climb up on my lap and go to sleep. When I first got her, she was
a terrified little kitten. I brought her home and she immediately hid. It took
two weeks before she finally came out and cautiously climbed up on the back
of the sofa. So I very slowly raised my hand up and rubbed her chin, and finally
she started purring. Now we are good friends, but on HER terms. She doesn't
like other cats, noise, or having the furniture moved around. She does like
milk, and every morning I have to give her a little bowl of milk or she will
drive me crazy meowing and bumping my legs with her forehead.


This is big fat Roo. He weighs 23 pounds and has one eye. The other was removed
due to a terrible infection when he was just barely weaned. As you can see, he
knows how to relax! You can hear him purring from two rooms away, and he
snores like a chainsaw. Despite his size, he LOOOOVES to get up in my lap
and then flop on his back against my shoulder so I can rub his tummy.


* PAT WRITES: These pictures are just adorable!! I especially love the expressions and poses.
The name, Norman Rockwell, is so unique. I have some paintings of his and just wonder if the
artist is the cat's namesake. Animal people seem to be some of the nicer and sweetest people.
I'm not saying that just because I'm an animal lover, now. I enjoy these just so much, Kay.
Thank you so much for sharing them with the rest of us.

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