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Welcome! Come on in! Pat has six pets she'd like you to meet.
A wonderful assortment! Two coons, a cat, a dog and a pair of peacocks.


Pat Writes: This is me with my young, 'male' 'coon, Bud sleeping.
He's about 6 or 7 months old. He was pretty good sized for his age.



Bud eating butter cookies. Notice the upside down sign by Bud.
He also liked Apple Jacks cereal. Each one of our coonies got
their own special cookies and treats.

BabyLou BabyLou

These are pics of my 'female' raccoon, BabyLou. She was 4 months
with her tummy shaved because she was fixed.

BabyLouBath BabyLouBath

Baby is about a year or so old in these 'shower' poses. lol


This is me and my Little Kitty, Rhubarb. He is only
9 months old in this pic. Such a sweetie!!


This is Rusty, my little Pomeranian. He's 3 yrs in this pic.
He certainly was not going to give his ball up, either! lol


The funniest thing was to hear him bark with the ball in his mouth.
You'd really get a charge out of that! Here's a March 2008 Pic of him:


I recently acquired a pair of peacocks. The male likes roosting
on my front porch. I hope all is well for all.



* KAY WRITES: That page is really cute! I especially liked the raccoon pictures. They look
so and cute with their little "hands" -- but I have held a raccoon several times and they are
strong critters -- like holding a fur-covered rubber ball that wants to bounce! I'm surprised
the little guy wasn't trying to wash the cookies! I used to take care of the raccoons at the
Franke Park Day Camp nature lodge in Fort Wayne, and "Sparky" had to dabble everything
in water before he ate it. Once in a while we would tease him by giving him a sugar cube,
which melted when he washed it. The expression on his face was priceless! Of course, we
quickly followed up with a nice crawdad treat so he wouldn't be disappointed.

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