Welcome! Come on in! I have three pets I'd like you to meet. My two cats and dog.

Meet Frisky. His mom was a pure border collie and his dad was a stray.
Frisky did not want to pose for his picture. One look at Mom with a
wicked object in her hand sent him hiding under the computer desk. The
fact that I wanted to point it at him made it all the more worse for
him. We Finally coached him out with Paul re-assuring him and trying to
engage him in his favorite past time - ball playing. He loves to play
ball and amazed my brother with how good he was at catching the ball
even when he bounced it off the wall for him. He likes entertaining all
our company with himself and often gets upset chasing and barking after
them when they have to leave.

He is our miracle dog. When he was a puppy, he bit down on an electric
cable under our computer desk. Paul's quick action helped save him. Frisky
was stuck to the cable and Paul had to pull him off of it. His heart
stopped and he had to give him puppy CPR to get his heart going again.
I held him and could feel the electricity going through his little body as
he heavily panted. I asked God to give it to me not him and used my SS
bracelets I had on to attract the electricity from him to me. God gave me
the wisdom to find metal to discharge myself from each time. We took him
to the vet. He had a chunk of his tongue gone from where he bit down but the
vet said he was lucky not to have suffered any other damage. He kept him
overnight to make sure he was OK as he wasn't out of the woods yet. He said
electricity can bounce around inside an animal and fry their insides, so he
wanted to keep him encase he needed emergency care. He was fine though. God
made sure of that. Aside from being a VERY loud, obnoxious dog with people,
he has been a good pet and is very smart. Sometimes too smart for his own good! :)


Shadow has the whole living room floor to lay on but chooses to lay on
a telephone modem wire Paul was using to test a customer's computer. He
is the friendly one. If you are out for a walk, he will follow behind
you the whole way. Cute to watch. He is also one to initiate any new
vehicle by making sure to jump up on the hood after it has parked. One
time he even gave a friends vehicle a gift - a baby bird that had
fallen out of it's nest was later found under the front seat and we
know it could of only been him. He used to bring us all manner of
critters- carefully held in his mouth so as not to hurt them. Very
friendly, he tries to get the school kids walking by to pet his tummy by
rolling on the sidewalk and exposing his belly to them. Once they get
close though, he often will scurry away. He has his moods. If he doesn't
get his way, he will purposely knock things down off of the desk or table
to get our attention.

Unfortunately he passed on 01/28/10. We miss him terribly!


Spray is her normal self here. Always comfortable on the kitchen table
laying on the papers stacked there for coupon savings. She doesn't get
along too well with Frisky. If his ball lands close to her rather then
risk a nose full of her needles, he will bark at us till we get his ball
for him. She is the living room lap kitty and anyone who is sitting in
her domain may find her jumping on their lap to fall asleep. Her method
of leaving the house is like Shadows - ring the bell that is hanging
from the knob and eventually someone will let you out. Unlike Shadow
though, she will throw herself against the front door to make a thud
noise when she wants back in - she does this till someone takes pity
and lets her in thinking she'll bash her brains in otherwise. She is
also our weather kitty. If it is going to be stormy for the day, she
will hide in the only safe room in the house - our bathroom. If we see
her there, we know there will be thunder storms and/or high wind because
that is the only time she stays in the bathroom.

Unfortunately she passed on 3/15/08. We miss her terribly!


* PAT WRITES: I just love your pet site, emb. Yours are just so darling. I know it would've made
me panic if one of my critters had bitten into a cord like that. Bless its heart. I'm so glad it's OK.
Pets are just the greatest thing. They always seem to be the first to let us know how they feel.
They certainly know how to share their love. That's for sure. Thank you for inviting me.

* GLORIA WRITES: Your pet page is very nice too. I am sorry for your recent
loss of your cat Spray. Frisky and Shadow are adorable and I know you love
your pets and they love you. What would we do without our furry friends?

* JKRABBE WRITES: I'm so sorry for your loss of a beloved pet. She'll be waiting for you
at Rainbow Bridge! I, too, have lost too many *babies* in my 60+ years and it sure doesn't
get any easier. I always try to remember that saying - *Don't cry because it's over, smile
because it happened.* But it's never stopped the tears and that inevitable empty hole in your
heart. That's why I've now got 5 kitties, all strays, so I have what I call my *Emergency
Backups*. Keep the memories alive in your heart and she'll always be close by in spirit.

* DENISE WRITES: Just a little note to let you know how sad I was when I read that you lost
your best friend and pet that you had for the past 19 years! I'm sorry to hear - 19 years
is an extraordinary long time! I sure know what it's like as I had 2 little terriers that
were stepbrothers that lived with me for 15.5 years a few years back - and I thought that
was a long time...it has taken me quite a while to get over losing them and I still tear
up from time to time when remembering them.

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