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Welcome! Come on in! Tara has one sweet little pet for you to meet.
AND Soon she'll be adopting another!


This is Benjy. He crossed the rainbow bridge on Nov 13, 2006..
I miss my little lovebug so much. I'm looking to adopt another
yorkie. Here are a couple more of Ben......





I am getting a 6 year Maltese from the shelter next week, and as soon
as she is ready, I will have some pics also of her. Her name is Bunnie.
Cute as a bunny rabbit. I can see why they named her Bunnie.

Right now she has a severe flea allergy. The lady that took her to the
pound said she just didn't want to spend the money for all the flea
protection she needs. I swear, some people really tick me off when it
comes to their pets! I am glad that someone called me and told me
about her, since she isn't listed for the public to see yet. Now
that I saw her, no one will see her but me!

Anyway... My Benji crossed the rainbow bridge this past
November. So this is a tribute page to him also!

AN UPDATE: The shelter adopted the Maltese to someone from under my
nose. Its a long story, but I didn't get her. I was so mad at them
for doing that. But I am on the lookout for another adoptee.. this
time going to look at a little rat terrier named Bob... How cute. I
will keep you aprised of the situation... Tara


* SUZANNE WRITES: What wonderful memories you brought back to me when you
shared your story of Benji. We had Reggie, Silky Terrier, and he did the same thing. After
he passed, I found his ball, the little green one that he would race around with when we
came home. He would also try to bark with it in his mouth. The ball is near by his
ashes. Thank you Tara, I know the memories are happy and sad.

* KAY WRITES: Benjy must have been completely adorable. What a little cutie! I think you
will like your Maltese. The neighbors (next to the art center where I work) have one and
"Eddie" is so much fun to watch as he plays in the yard. Incidentally, you are right --
some people have no class when it comes to taking care of pets. Before the neighbors
got Eddie, he had been locked on a closed-in porch for months on end and was pretty
much neglected. He was a filthy mess -- I'll bet he thought he went to heaven when
his new people took him to the vet for a good going-over and shots, and then to
the groomer for a good bath, clip and combing.

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