Hold me tight, kiss me gentle;
Rock me like a new tea kettle.
Let my love flow left and right;
Filling my eyes with wondrous light.

Hold me close, til it feels right;
Once you know me, then hold me tight.
Rock me to the left and right;
Cradle me in circles of might.

Slowly build me to thy crest;
Come with me to meet the rest.
Kiss me more and do not stop;
Our fever shall build as we rock.

Hold me close and let me melt;
Into the wondrous bounty I felt.
Enter in and join with me;
Loving shall be our inner glee.

Kiss me more from night to dawn;
Build our fever to thrust upon.
Inner warmth, divine delight;
Shall we join in Purple Passion tonight?

Poem By Elrhea Bigham





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