I've heard it asked time and time again, 'Where were you?'
When hit with death, catastrophe, accident, or typhoon.
They look to God in heaven, shake their heads, and cry
Asking, "Why did this have to happen to me? Why me? Why?"

Their pain is quite real, in truth it is plain to see.
That, no human with logic or a brain could disagree.
But my heart counts another victim here added.
It is God our Father and that makes me more saddened.

When will we understand God is love, not evil?
Love does not cause people to suffer, to die, or to kill.
It's impossible for God to be love and mean.
That is surely easy to see the difference between.

It would hurt us to be accused of something bad.
But, to God, we don't think twice about calling Him a cad.
He'd be a bad guy if children He killed for fun.
Yet we often accuse Him of this at graves of our young.

Saying God killed them for His own reason or rhyme
For a heavenly rose or plot only He knows in time.
But shouldn't we give all the credit where it is due?
The devil is the evil one deserving all our boos!

So please, the next time you hear someone talk that way,
Stand up for God and kindly tell the truth without delay.
It isn't the fault of God who is lovingly great,
But the devil is the nasty one who is full of hate!

Poem By Elrhea Bigham

~*~ Published in Poetry.com book 'The Best Poems and Poets of 2004' ~*~





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