A rainbow is an optical illusion. It doesn't actually exist in a specific spot in the sky. The appearance of a rainbow depends on where you're standing and where the sun or other source of light is shining.

      Here Are More Photos Of God's Best Rainbows. Enjoy! :)
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

      These Double Rainbows are quite rare although your chances of spotting one are increased during the early hours of the morning and later on in the evening when the sun is lower in the sky.
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

      This Quadruple Rainbow found over New York is even more rare.

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      A rare phenomenon called an iridescent or Rainbow Cloud went viral in Japan.
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      More awesome Rainbow Clouds...
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      Another rare Rainbow Cloud seen in Brazil.

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      A rare Fire Rainbow dazzles as it appears over Scotland.
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      More Fire Rainbows...
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      A Celestial Rainbow around the moon was captured.

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      Incredibly rare Red Rainbow was captured over Altrincham Golf Course.

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      Photographer captures an electrifying rare snap of a lightning strike coming from a gorgeous rainbow.

Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      Circumzenithal Arc Rainbow is a fantastic rainbow, which is also recognized as an Upside-Down Rainbow...
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows
      Or, as I like to think of it - God Smiling down on us.
Shangrala's Beautiful Rainbows

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