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Like These Cute Animal Friends Do? Enjoy! :)
Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Clarence the dog plays with Cindy the alpaca in Goeming, Austria. The two have lived together on the farm since they were 3 months old.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Snorkel and Herschel

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Bonedigger the lion has been friends with the dachshunds for five years now. Joe Schreibvogel, an animal expert with the Garold Wayne Zoo in Oklahoma, introduced his four dogs to the lion when he was just a cub and they have been sharing meals

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
This kitty should be eating the rat, but instead gives him a hug

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
An orphaned monkey was being picked on by the other primates at a zoo. The zookeepers let Tiger Cup (a dog not a tiger) help protect him.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
The duck and dog of Paris

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Cat and duck going for a stroll together

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
A wild macaque male monkey took in and cared for a deserted orange kitten. The monkey has been seen in the forest taking excellent care of the cat by nuzzling and grooming it. The first spotting of the monkey and it’s kitten was at the Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
The Fernandez family adopted a tiger cub after he lost his family. He's been raised with the family dog since youth and they are inseparable.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Humphrey was a house pet that became too large and was moved to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in South Africa, where he was safe but lonely. Cameroon Pygmy Mountain Goat climbed Humphrey's enclosure fence and befriended him.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
Sobe the iguana and Johann the cat were both rescued by a woman in Brooklyn, NY. Every day when the iguana is let out of her cage, she seeks out Johann for play time, along with a rabbit also kept as a pet.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
After spending a lot of time alone in the same room of the owners house, they grew fond of each other. The crow is almost always on the dog's back, the dog even barks when people try to touch his pal. The owner built a custom harness for more comfortable rides.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
A duck and house cat raised together by a family. Supposedly the duck hates water and hasn't figured out yet that it can fly.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
A giraffe and ostrich form an odd friendship at Busch Gardens in Florida.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5
A stray cat wandered into this asiastic bear's enclosure at the Berlin Zoo. It's been coming back frequently for 10 years to visit its friend.

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5

Shangrala's Animal Friends 5

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